Deploy HTTPS Certificate From Let's Encrypt

Today I was occasionally recommended a list which provides SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings that have free tiers of interest to developers and infrastructure developers. Some free DNS providers are on the list. I used to want to obtain a domain name for my website with SSL enabled. So I take action immediately.
I choose as my free domain name service provider, then select a one-year free domain and purchase it free of charge.

Timed Task

Recently, I get a timed check in requirement. On Windows we have lots of applications which provide reminder feature or timed tasks. On Linux, we can use Crontab and at to achieve the same thing.

Custom 404 Error Page

I’m trying to change the default Apache 404 message/page on my lab computer. Here, I will share my experience though it is simple.

Now I am a user is a content distribution platform which is established by Xiaolai Li. It use block chain technique to achieve content verification by its signature.

Play Audio and Video in Hexo

Maybe they are the best plugins to insert embedded audio and video in Hexo, which is based on HTML5 online media player APlayer and DPlayer designed by DIYgod. They are hexo-tag-aplayer and hexo-tag-dplayer.

Disk Usage Size

There are so many ways to check the disk usage size of current directory, here I introduce two ways which is used frequently for me.

SSH Forwarding

I used to utilize ssh-agent as well as ssh-add to connect to a server via an intermediate server. There are two articles to explain the principle and the usage.

But this kind of directly forwarding is not secure for your private key REF, I recommend to use the ProxyCommand to release the aim.